Kaepernick’s knee: How the NFL became the center of racial protests

October 17, 2022 Takera Boston 0

When Colin Kaepernick of the San Fransisco 49ers sat during the national anthem in the preseason games of August 2016, no one could have predicted the overwhelming response it would receive from spectators. The spotlight came after writer for Niners Nation, Jennifer Lee Chan, tweeted a picture of the team’s formation during the third game. The photo showed Kaepernick seated on the bench, while the rest of the members stood for the anthem. A few days later, the 29-year-old quarterback was asked why he chose to remain seated and his response would spark both support and criticism across the country. Kaepernick said during a press conference, “When there’s significant change and I feel that the flag represents what it’s supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way that it’s supposed to, I’ll stand”, via NFL.com. This protest is not about the flag. It is about oppression and […]

Appropriation without appreciation: African clothing without African models

October 10, 2017 Amanda Washington 0

Another designer is in the hot seat with the fashion community for cultural appropriation. Stella McCartney debuted her Spring 2018 clothing line during Paris Fashion Week. This unveiling included eco friendly clothing that came from recycled materials and clothing and accessories that were manufactured without harming animals. One thing in particular stood out to her audience. Ankara print, which originates from Dutch and Indonesian wax prints and 19th century African clothing, was featured in her runway show.

American University professor promotes racial equality through policy change

October 7, 2017 Daisy Brumby 0

Not a seat was left in the room when historian Ibram X. Kendi took his place at the podium and told the people in the audience they were either, “racist or anti-racist,” and nothing in between. “I’m sure you heard somebody say ‘I am not a racist,’” Kendi said, calling the phrase the most popular mantra of non-racism. “If you believe in racial hierarchy, you believe in racist ideas. If you believe in racial equality, you believe in anti-racist ideas,” Kendi said. But Kendi said there is no such thing as non-racism because either a person has racist ideas and supports racist policies, or a person has anti-racist ideas and supports anti-racist policies. Simply put, Kendi’s ground-breaking idea is that either people believe in racial equality or they believe in racial hierarchy. “If you believe in racial hierarchy, you believe in racist ideas. If you believe in racial equality, you […]