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How AI is Empowering Agents and Revamping Service

August 29, 2022 Kelly Vaughen 0

Will AI Take Over Humans One Day? Content Features of virtual agents affect how humans mimic their facial expressions The skills your developer team needs to create chatbots Einstein Bots You can also use Einstein Vision for object detection, which can give you granular details about the size and location of objects in an image, something that can be very useful, for instance, in a field service setting. Finally, an OCR service can help you to convert all of that printed documentation that might still exist within your company into a digital form. Einstein Search Dictionaries takes the struggle out of maintaining such a search dictionary by automatically detecting relationships between search terms and linking them to a synonym list. As with product recommendations, this can be pooled across merchants, making the feature much more powerful. The Einstein platform, which is Salesforce’s collective name for its various AI and analytical […]