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Why to consider stock volume

February 10, 2021 Kelly Vaughen 0

Content Iress (ASX:IRE) completes share buyback; shares up Understanding Volume of Trade Examples of trading volume Sign up for Fidelity Viewpoints® Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ASX :ANZ) Average True Range Atr It’s hard to objectively define what “good” is, since trading volume is often analyzed in combination with other indicators, like volatility, momentum, and liquidity. When considered alongside other indicators, such as a stock’s fundamentals, trading volume can help investors decide whether it’s the right time to buy or sell shares. Volume refers to the amount of shares or contracts traded in an asset or security over a period of time, usually over the course of a trading day. In recent times, high-frequency traders and index funds have become a major contributor to trading volume statistics in U.S. markets. The volume of trade refers to the total number of shares or contracts exchanged between buyers and sellers […]