Early voters head to polls

November 9, 2016 Craig Cannon 0

Early voting in Washington for the 2016 presidential election, from Oct. 22-Nov. 4, found residents waiting in long lines. They voted on the question of D.C. statehood as well as casting ballots for president.

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Who wins the power house?

November 8, 2016 Samaneh Rohanimanesh 0

The White House is not only the center of America’s executive power, but it’s also an attraction for people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We talked to people around the White House and asked them how they feel about this election. Many expressed hope for both the nation and their nominees.

Make your ‘cocktail’ vote count

November 8, 2016 Jordan Connell 0

The stress of the 2016 campaign has many people looking to soothe themselves with comfort food and drink. Across Washington, D.C., there are politically themed burgers, donuts, ice-cream, chocolates and cocktails. Jordan Connell reports that an I-Street bar is serving up some “candidate cocktails.”

No brainer: News orgs should review campaign coverage

November 8, 2016 Alejandra Wasem 0

Some media experts say news organizations should embark on a review of their coverage this election season. It’s not hard to see why. The media often drew as much ire as the candidates, from charges of bias to reporter bans to CNN’s in-your-face hiring of panels of former campaign operatives.

Missing from the White House: A piece of themselves

November 7, 2016 Shaun Courtney 0

Barack Obama’s historic presidency ends Jan. 20, 2017, and for many Americans the wrap-up of the last eight years of an African American in the Oval Office is emotional. Those citizens say they share a sense of loss, of pride, of disappointment and of uncertainty, as his days in the White House tick down.

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