Major controversies during the Trump presidency in 2017

December 2, 2017 Sarah Gibson 0

There were whispers of Russian collusion at the beginning of President Donald Trump’s campaign. Adding to the list of controversies, there are three failed travel ban attempts, complaints about his comments to a military widow and issues with the way he responded to a neo-Nazi rally with counter-protestors.

Mental health hits college students hard

November 7, 2017 Sarah Gibson 0

One of the biggest challenges some college students face is mental illness. College students are in a psychologically vulnerable time in their lives, according to Shatina Williams, assistant director of the American University Counseling Center. College can also be a foreign environment for students, which is another stress factor that affects mental health, Williams said.

All those opposed: The other side of the gun control debate

October 24, 2017 Sarah Gibson 0

Since the introduction of the Second Amendment in 1791, gun control has been a heavily debated topic in the U.S. While those in favor of gun control spoke out after the recent Las Vegas massacre, those opposed to gun control are often less vocal following an attack. Protesters on both sides of the gun control debate often take to social media platforms to air their grievances. But the issue is more complicated than a simple Twitter post would let on.

One face of many: A look at an undocumented student’s life

September 26, 2017 Sarah Gibson 0

When Claudette Monroy uprooted her life to move to the United States, she was excited. For other fifteen-year-olds, the concept of leaving behind friends, school and home can be daunting. Not only did she have to leave behind the only home she’d ever known, but she also faced a four-day-long car ride from Terreón in northern Mexico to Fairfax, Va.