Location is everything: Millennials and DC real estate

December 12, 2017 Kathryn Sanders 0

Arlington, VA, about five miles outside of D.C., was recently ranked the best city for millennials in 2017, according to Niche.com. The website uses key factors as criteria for why a millennial would want to live there, such as affordability, job prospects, and lifestyle choices such as access to bars and restaurants LoansCashNetUSA . Though Arlington was ranked highly for affordability, the District itself did not fare so well. 

DC mayor: public well-being is about ‘building trust’

October 17, 2017 Kathryn Sanders 0

This summer, a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Va. It is one of many events that sparked renewed interest in gun legislation and safety, in both Washington, D.C., and the nation. In a poll conducted in 2015 by the Washington Post, D.C. residents said that “crime has become the biggest problem in Washington.”