What is Medieval Times?


At Medieval Times you’re encouraged to eat with your hands, yell ‘huzzah’ as you drink and participate in the most epic color war that you’ve ever seen.

As you enter the ‘arena’ the staff – dressed to the nines as medieval squires and servers – give you crowns and assign you to a section by color.

There is a gift shop that sells swords, armor and little toys for kids. As a fan of all things ‘knight’ I loved it, I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

A torture museum is in the arena as well, and for two dollars you can tour it. I wish we had the time to explore it – but we got there later than we thought because of traffic and had to miss out on that feature.

The menu is pre-set, but I had no complaints! They give you an enormous side of chicken, with potatoes and corn on the cob on the side. Tomato soup – which our ‘serving wench’ described as dragons blood – and garlic bread were the appetizers. I usually don’t love tomato soup, but I wish they gave more here. It was that good.

Team yellow! We got assigned to the yellow section, one of six possible seating areas. The teams are divided into two, with each team made out of three of the knights cheering sections.

At our section, there was a large and boisterous group of guys behind us who had clearly been before. They gave a standing ‘huzzah’ and a loud cheer to commemorate our champion every time he rode by. It made the night that much better. My wife and I got totally taken in by the energy, and by the end of the

My wife and I got totally taken in by their energy, and by the end of the night, we were ‘huzza-ing’ with the best of them.

Medieval Times doesn’t just put on a jousting tournament, they go all the way and style the event like a WWE tournament. Knights talk down to each other and hype up the crowd, Kings and Princesses regale the crowd with tales of bravery and challenge the knights to win royal favor.

They had a falcon come out and swoop through the crowd, the Knights showed off their horse’s equestrian skills and the Princess rode her regal mount for the crowd.

As the tournament began, nets came down around the arena, the lights dimmed and the knights threw flowers to the crowd and courted their applause and support. One woman from our section tied a favor around our champions lance before he rode to battle.


Yellow Knight won!

Our champion emerged from the night victorious, and he came into the crowd afterward to crown a little girl sitting with us as the Princess of Love and Beauty to raucous applause.

There were lots of kids at the event but the atmosphere was fun for adults and children alike.

Located outside of Baltimore, the Medieval Times is easy to find and has easy parking.


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