Why Nick Fury got threatened with Icelandic myth of demon?


Set in Iceland, the film is based on an old story famous in the nation which is believed to have originated sometime around the 10th century. The story’s primary expert was an author called Saxo, who was tasked with creating a full history of Denmark. The story of Amleth was the most famous entry in that historical encyclopedia. The first appearance of the tale and its evolution are both in dispute, but the tale is an integral one to Scandanavian and Icelandic myth. There is also a fair amount of wavering in the story itself, as multiple versions change details and aspects for new audiences. The Northman seems to be a more in-depth exploration of this semi-complete story, weaving in some of Eggers’ stellar eye for period accuracy to create a compelling narrative.

ith the release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman now just three months away, and the debut of yet another (this-time Catwoman-focused) trailer this week, we’re starting to get a pretty decent picture of how the new dark knight will return to multiplexes. Reeves promised us a vision of the caped crusader re-engaging with the traditional role of “world’s greatest detective” in which he’s often seen in the comics (not to mention the bravura 90s Batman: The Animated Series TV show), and it seems Bruce Wayne Spider Man No Way Home free will be plunged into a Seven-esque race against time to stop Paul Dano’s Riddler from completing a murderous spree.It’s a fascinating proposition for those of us who love the character first introduced by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939 so much that we would happily sit through just about any Batman movie (provided it isn’t one in which our hero starts wielding guns and trying to take down Superman). The problem for Reeves is that he needs to do better than this.

The story of Amleth is a simple one, fans of anagrams might have noticed that the hero’s name is a slight reordering away from the name of Shakespeare’s Danish Prince. Yes, Amleth is the direct inspiration of The Tragedy of Hamlet, the longest and perhaps most influential of the 39 plays written by William Shakespeare. Inspiring the bard to compose Hamlet is the primary legacy of the tale of Amleth, which has led to the original tale being somewhat obscure as Norse myth goes. The two stories are similar in a variety of ways, but Hamlet is something of an adaptation, so there are a handful of key changes. Hamlet is a more complex and fleshed-out story, rich with emotional detail and catharsis, while Amleth’s story is more utilitarian. This could be a side effect of the tale undergoing numerous translations before its modern incarnation and the fact that the story’s earliest versions may well be lost to history.


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