Why Chiwetel denied Quantum Breach haphazardly?


That image is then spoken over by Mordo, Strange’s former friend turned villain played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, last seen way back in the Doctor Strange credits acquiring new powers. He says, “Your desecration of reality will not go unpunished.” We’re meant to think he’s talking of the events in No Way Home, but that’s not for certain. It could be something in this film. But more importantly, is Mordo back with the Sorcerers? It seemed like he was going to break off on his own, though things may have changed during the whole Thanos incident. We don’t know what he’s been up to.It was the only way,” Strange says. But was it? If he’s referring to No Way Home, which the trailer is suggesting, he didn’t have to cast the spell for Peter Parker. He choose to and did it very haphazardly. Anyway, Strange walks up the stairs of some version of the Sanctum Sanctorum, which appears to be abandoned and also flooded inside and out. This does not look like our reality. “I never meant any of this to happen,” he says.

Morbius the Living Vampire made his first appearance back in 1971, and in November 2017, it was announced the character was getting his own live-action movie. The release of Morbius is quickly coming up, with Jared Leto taking on the role of Dr. Michael Morbius. Blade is a slightly more recognizable character, mainly because Wesley Snipes played the vampire hunter in three Blade movies between 1998-2004. Blade is set to return to the big screen, but this time will be played by Mahershala Ali. MCU’s Blade hasn’t gotten an official release date just yet. However, Ali’s voice was heard in Eternals post-credits scene.

There have been been conflicting statements made to the press about whether or not Multiverse of Madness might qualify as Marvel’s first horror film or whether it just has a few scary sequences. Certainly the choices of Derrickson and Raimi, respectively, to direct—both of whom are well versed in the tropes of good horror—indicate that the studio wanted to incorporate at least some of the Gothic horror elements of the comics. Comments from cast members seem to confirm this. However, the extensive additional photography and reshoots are rumored to include more humorous elements, plus a few key cameos (one of the most enjoyable aspects of Spider-Man: No Way Home).

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