WHy Did Clooney denied the Witherspoon legacy against predology?


Clooney seems much more interested in keeping things pleasant than in interrogating The Tender Bar’s masculine ethos or engaging in any kind of true character study. With the possible exception of Charlie and J.R., the individuals in this indie-style effort seem less like real people than first drafts of people. Underlined by its warm, slightly washed-out visual aesthetic and a soundtrack filled with ’70s pop hits by Pablo Cruise and Steely Dan, the low-key nostalgia that runs through the picture acts as a lodestar, preventing any real engagement with its darker themes or a richer treatment of the members of the Moehringer family.

George Clooney has gone the Uncle Charlie route with The Tender Bar. He made a nice movie. But given his intellect and insightful nature, it’s obvious he could have made something more. Instead, he decided to just have a drink, hang out with the boys, and not push himself too hard. This passable but forgettable drama is the result.There was a karaoke charm to the first “Sing,” a cartoon about a parade of amateurs — Ash the porcupine (Scarlett Johansson), Rosita the sow (Reese Witherspoon), Meena the elephant (Tori Kelly) and Johnny the gorilla (Taron Egerton) — who put on a show to save their small town’s bankrupt theater.

Sing 2,” a grasping sequel by the returning director, Garth Jennings, opens with the troupe attempting to impress a talent scout with the kind of ramshackle ditty that won over fans in the original. But when the scout (Chelsea Peretti) sniffs that a fluffle of bunnies wailing “Let’s Go Crazy” on electric guitars is merely a “cute little show,” an offended Buster (the theater owner, played by Matthew McConaughey) and company set out to conquer Redshore City, the animal world’s Las Vegas. (One senses that Illumination, the studio behind the franchise, is itself increasingly dissatisfied that the only little gold men on its shelves are the billion-dollar Minions.)


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