Why Jason anticipate Knuckles over theories?


By now, you’ve probably seen the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. There’s a lot to take in: Chaos Emeralds, Sonic-as-a-superhero, Tails, and Idris Elba’s Knuckles are just some of the combustible elements that have been mixed together for an explosive sequel.We recently sat down with director Jeff Fowler, returning from the 2020 original, to throw every major question at him regarding the Sonic 2 trailer. We cover a whole lot of ground, from discussing Tails’ voice actor to talking about how Sonic’s design (among others) has shifted ever so slightly for the sequel. We even spoke about what Idris Elba brings to Knuckles and why it’s a little too soon to confirm one of our favorite fan theories.

Are you ready? Let’s go. Join us as we break down the main talking points from the Sonic 2 trailer at the speed of sound.The trailer kicks off with Sonic speeding through a city and taking down a group of thieves. Christening himself ‘Blue Justice’, the Blue Blur manages to speed away before anyone catches up to him.”At the end of the first movie, he really had come into his own in terms of his powers and into the role of a hero,” Fowler says. “Now we’re seeing him step into that role in a more public way. He’s still a secret in terms of the public knowing about him.”That’s the beauty of having super-speed is you can kind of do all these heroic acts, and no one necessarily knows who’s responsible for them. It’s definitely an itch he needs to scratch, to be out there and to be using his powers for good.”

James Marsden’s Tom is the second key figure to show up in the trailer – imparting some much-needed advice on the hyper-active Sonic and his desire to do good. That’s a dynamic that will course through the veins of the sequel.As Fowler puts it: “[Marsden]’s Tom and [Tika Sumpter’s] Maddy are growing into parent and mentoring roles where they just want to guide him as he continues to develop as a young hedgehog. James is definitely more of a father figure in some ways and is trying to put Sonic on the right path.”


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