Why Chris Pratt Encourage Jude Courteney against Allyson ?


What Welcome to Raccoon City really needs is to match the tone and atmosphere of the first two RE games. I wouldn’t care if Leon somehow ends up in the mansion or if Chris turns into a zombie at the end as long as the movie is able to capture the feeling of playing Resident Evil. Welcome to Raccoon City ought to be a slow-paced, dread-filled experience that builds up to gruesome action set-pieces towards the end. It should be dark and claustrophobic, the characters should be isolated and lost in labyrinthine spaces. Resident Evil isn’t about Umbrella or the T-Virus. The movie doesn’t need a helicopter crash or even Mr. X to be a good adaptation. All it needs, in the most reductive terms, is the right vibe. It doesn’t matter how faithful the plot is if the movie is just another Hollywoodized action romp filled with quippy dialogue, explosions, and guns with unlimited bullets.

Chris Pratt – also known as Marvel’s Star-Lord and the guy from the Jurrasic No Time to Die World series – was last month revealed as the voice of Mario for the ‘Super Mario’ animated movie, airing in cinemas next December.In a message to fans via Instagram at the time, Pratt shared a memory about he used to love playing the original Mario Bros. game in the arcades during his youth, and signing off with “dreams come true”. He has now uploaded another video related to his upcoming role in the Mario movie – which transforms Guardians of the Galaxy hero Star-Lord into Mario, and his co-stars into characters like Toad and Peach.

While it will come to no surprise, Jamie Lee Curtis will return in Halloween Ends as iconic final girl Laurie Strode. No other actors have been confirmed, but looking at who survived Halloween Kills will give a hint. It can be expected that James Jude Courteney and John Castle will return as Michael Myers, Andi Matichak as Allyson, Will Patton as Frank Hawkins, Omar Dorsey as Sheriff Barker, and possibly Judy Greer as Karen (if she really did die).


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