Tutorial: Get started with Go The Go Programming Language


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In contrast, the older projects (e.g., Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc.) are written in Java,” wrote Fadhil. In a regex test—regex-redux —Go ran in 3.55 seconds while Java ran in 5.58. The Go program weighed in at 102 lines of code, while the Java program weighed in at 70.

The GoLang Trend

Another important feature of Go is its garbage collection, which automatically manages memory for you. This eliminates the need for manual memory management, reducing the likelihood of memory leaks and other bugs that can arise from manual memory management. Martini is an efficient and lean language, powerfully packed for quickly writing modular Golang web app/service.

It is a handy reference for people doing code reviews for Go projects. Some languages arrange to make that guarantee at compile time. The only way to have dynamically dispatched methods is through an interface. Methods on a struct or any other concrete type are always resolved statically. Go also has a couple of built-in functions to signal and recover from truly exceptional conditions.

How is the run-time support implemented?

You can not reuse the same code for the same functions but in a collection of different types. Consequently, you will have to write more code and spend more time building the web app. It is a known fact that maintaining a longer code is https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ more difficult as well. If you are looking for tools to boost your productivity, find your life-savers here. Go is a statically typed compiled programming language. Its domain name is golang.org which is why some people call it Golang.

what is Golang

Companies often permit outgoing traffic only on the standard TCP ports 80 and 443 , blocking outgoing traffic on other ports, including TCP port and TCP port 22 . When using HTTPS instead of HTTP, git enforces certificate validation by default, providing protection against man-in-the-middle, eavesdropping and tampering attacks. A godoc instance may be configured to provide rich, interactive static analyses of symbols in the programs it displays; details are listed here. As an aid to correct map use, some implementations of the language contain a special check that automatically reports at run time when a map is modified unsafely by concurrent execution.

Why does Go have type parameters?

The Go 1.18 release added type parameters to the language. This permits a form of polymorphic or generic programming. When designing Go, we wanted to make sure that it was not overly ASCII-centric, which meant extending the space of identifiers from the confines of 7-bit ASCII. Go’s rule—identifier characters must be letters or digits as defined by Unicode—is simple to understand and to implement but has restrictions.

what is Golang

Regardless of your coding background, we can get you up to speed with our Learn Go course. You may need to write more lines of code to accomplish the same task that would take a couple of lines in another language. Twitch uses Go for its chat, which delivers hundreds of billions of messages daily.


Some languages are more error prone, less readable, more painful to use, etc. than others. As far as I remember, all dependencies are expected to be available as source code. You have to work pretty hard to generate a crash in our application due to a null pointer or writing to a memory location that you have previously feed. I also became used to copy and pasting without feeling bad, Go just encourages it.

what is Golang

As a matter of fact, many stand-out cloud platforms like Kubernetes were built with Go. Google Cloud also uses Go to enhance scalability and performance. Using goroutines and channels, Go is naturally suited for developing network services such as APIs, web servers, and mini frameworks for web applications. Syntactically what is Golang similar to C, you can also find memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and concurrency in Go. The very existence of a special thread or goroutine forces the programmer to distort the program to avoid crashes and other problems caused by inadvertently operating on the wrong thread.

Estimate your project

It is a common mistake to pass a pointer to an interface value to a function expecting an interface. The compiler will complain about this error but the situation can still be confusing, because sometimes apointer is necessary to satisfy an interface. The insight is that although a pointer to a concrete type can satisfy an interface, with one exception a pointer to an interface can never satisfy an interface.

  • During an interview, you can ask various types of questions, such as behavioral, situational, competency-based, fact-based, skill-based, and technical questions, among others.
  • One can develop software systems that are readily scaleable and sharable with cloud services.
  • In other words, your program will keep running even if the concurrent processes take longer than expected.
  • Open the package file you downloaded and follow the prompts to install Go.
  • The downside to Python is that it’s dynamically typed while Golang is statically typed.

Multi-module workspaces are useful for making changes across multiple modules. Programs in Golang compile to binaries with few external dependencies. Since one can quickly deploy and bundle for redistribution, they’re perfect for building utilities and other resources. You can build a Go application in Kubernetes using Docker containerization to satisfy your clients’ unique requirements. Also, as Kubernetes is written in Go, you can get auto-scaling and multi-cluster support. Fintech Integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies to improve customer services and revenue, reduce costs, and Financial Governance.

Cloud services

Run your code to see the message generated by the function you’re calling. At the top of this page, note that package quote is included in the rsc.io/quote module. Paste the following code into your hello.go file and save the file. Go seems to be just a restricted language driven by a Google hype, not a tool that will really help programmers. The arrogance and ignorance by a few developers here is astonishing. Go is verbose, but what I found at the end of 9 months of Go full time was that you start to read go in large stanzas and not line by line.

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