Why Celestials denied Dormammu legacy against Pryde?


However, now, his pacifist lifestyle is having dire consequences on things he considers his responsibility, such as Breakworld. Breakworld is a warlike planet that was prophesied to be destroyed by Colossus, only to be saved by him, with their tradition of dominance crowning him the planet’s new leader. Colossus was feared and respected by the Breakworldians, and his de facto leadership was used to enforce a better way of living for them. However, in his absence, it seems his power has been lost. When Cable goes to Breakworld for his giant gun, he finds that in the absence of Colossus, a power vacuum has opened up and been filled by a new ruler called Powerlord Varrn, who echoes the brutal leadership from before Colossus took over.

Villeneuve’s “Dune” already has a number of things going for it that previous adaptations did not, including a large blockbuster budget. However, in addition to the incredible cast that’s been assembled for it, the film’s incredible cinematography and look already has fans considering braving the outside world for a theatrical viewing of “Dune.”In a new featurette for the film, fans have been given a behind-the-scenes look at “Dune” that offers some new insight into what it was like to work in the film’s incredible, awe-inspiring sets.The preview opens with Ajax, the sole Eternal who can understand the Celestials, sitting on an empty throne, revealing that the Celestials created the Eternals and then abandoned them. Millions of years prior, Ajax is communing with one, and she tells it she “understands” and that she and the rest are “ready to act.” Ajax then asks a machine how she might find “them.” As if on cue, the machine teleports her to the desert, where she comes face to face with the Avengers of One Million BC—who look ready for a fight.

It goes without saying that this was a terrible decision on Colossus’ part, considering he genuinely wanted a better life for the Breakworld, but that also goes for the X-Men. Krakoa has actively been courting galactic opinion in order to secure the mutant-led nation’s legitimacy venom and security, so to let Colossus lose his hold on an existing allied civilization is a major oversight, especially since it made acquiring the gun to stop Dormammu that much harder. What started with the heartbreak of being left at the altar by his love Kate Pryde has spiraled into a trend of defeat for Piotr, and in failing to provide the help he needs then marginalizing him further, the X-Men have lost the exact kind of ally they’re fighting tooth and nail to acquire, and made it necessary to take Breakworldian lives to prevent Dormammu’s attack.

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