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It seems like one can’t throw a stone on the internet without hitting someone who wants Charlie Hunnam in the role of Green Arrow. He is generally among the first names to come up when discussing the subject, and there are several very good reasons for that. Starting with the most obvious: he’s a ruggedly handsome man with a solid resemblance to Oliver Queen, which opens him up to almost any version of the character. While looks aren’t everything, introducing Green Arrow into the DCEU means that whoever gets the part may one day have to stand next to Jason Momoa in a Justice League movie and not look foolish, so in this case, they’re important.

It’s fun to envision a Fast & Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy crossover but the two franchises going head-to-head at the box office is more likely. Universal Pictures and Disney/Marvel Studios aren’t going to be collaborating any time soon. While the “Fast Family” could one day end up in the Jurassic Park universe, writer/director James Gunn has talked about making a crossover between his Guardians of the Galaxy dune  and The Suicide Squad franchises. Again, the competing powers of Marvel and DC make this even seem impossible.

Hunnam is most famous for his role as biker prince Jax Teller in the critically acclaimed series Sons of Anarchy, which ran for seven seasons on FX. In many ways, the character is not all that dissimilar to Oliver Queen. Teller is a genuinely good-hearted individual who others naturally want to follow, but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. That includes killing a man if the situation calls for it. He also has a way with the ladies and lived his younger years in the fast lane. Hunnam brought a great deal of well-rounded emotional depth to his SOA character as well. That’s important because while there are certainly some humorous versions of Oliver Queen, there have also been instances of Green Arrow being explosively angry and violent if pushed far enough.


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