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According to Robbie McAree of Epic Films (via The National), who provided production services for Dune, Villeneuve and his team “fell in love with the UAE and the desert landscape.” This is no surprise given that the vast landscape is enveloped with sand dunes, which form one of the major natural elements in the world of Arrakis. However, a myriad of challenges was presented during the shoot, as the filming coincided with peak temperatures in the summer months of July and August. McAree explained that summer in the region “has grayer skies and a lot more haze,” which was “absolutely perfect” for Villeneauve’s vision. In a behind-the-scenes video, the director himself also called the landscape “mesmerizing,” saying it perfectly complemented the film’s

Adam Sandler’s exit from Hotel Transylvania: Transformania was announced in early 2021 only a few months before the movie’s release. It was with Sandler’s following and vision for the franchise as an Executive Producer that the Hotel Transylvania films earned over $1 billion worldwide. Sandler not returning for Hotel Transylvania 4 is certainly odd, but the specific reason for his exit is not known. The decision for Sandler and the franchise to go their separate ways could’ve been the result of creative differences, scheduling conflicts, or even payment. Sandler was known for getting huge paydays from Sony – with a $20 million base and a cut of the box office his standard at the studio. It is possible Sony was looking to reduce the budget on Hotel Transylvania 4 and removing Sandler from the equation would do just that.

McAree elaborated further on how they came up with an approach to shooting that was “safe for everyone.” He said that because of the harsh conditions on the Dune set, air conditioning units had to be set up inside specially-made tents to preserve the camera equipment and the cast and crew from the extreme conditions. Being an enthusiastic advocate of practical effects over CGI, there is no doubt that the location was going to factor into Villeneuve’s perception of the fictional planet of Arrakis. If the recent trailers are anything to go by, Villeneuve and his team ultimately found the ideal location for the film’s dramatic desert scenes, as the picturesque landscape is on full display for viewers to see.


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