How Did Cletus Kasady encounter midst of donning against Naomie ?


However, the first encounter between Spidey and the symbiotes needs enough screentime to do it justice, so it’s unlikely that Spider-Man will steal the spotlight from Venom and Carnage’s first battle in the Venom sequel. Sony seems to be taking its time to set up an expansive universe the same way the MCU did in its early days. While a cameo can’t be discarded yet, Spider-Man’s involvement in Venom: Let There Be Carnage would feel a bit rushed.

Both Spider-Man and Kraven have had numerous encounters in comic book history, but the most famous bout between the two came about in 1987’s Kraven’s Last Hunt. The storyline comes about at a time where Spider-Man is in the midst of donning his black suit, which would later lead to the creation of Venom. Without giving too much away, the storyline is one of the darkest that has ever featured Spider-Man and also contained the last prominent appearance of Kraven for decades.

Shriek isn’t as famous as Morbius or Vulture, but she’s still a major Spider-Man villain whose appearance in Venom: Let There Be Carnage can’t be overlooked. Shriek’s origins and powers are intrinsically linked to Carnage and the sonic-based symbiote is almost as ruthless as her blood-red counterpart. She will be played by Naomie Harris in the Venom sequel, which may take inspiration from the Maximum Carnage storyline and show Cletus Kasady breaking her out of Ravencroft. In the comics, Shriek’s abilities include powerful sonic blasts, mood manipulation, and telekinesis.

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