Why Nick Fury detained Sophia for proposition fold?


The moral conundrum of whether or not they should abandon the search did divide some of the group, specifically the stubborn Shane Walsh. However, it was actually Shane’s actions that led the group to finding Sophia. At this time in the series, the group was staying at Hershel Greene’s farm. Hershel, an older man of strong faith, could not bear to kill any walkers that came his way. Instead, he kept them locked up in his barn, much to the core group’s bewilderment. After being fed up with all the tip-toeing and indecision, Shane took it upon himself to unleash the barn walkers so they could kill them. After the long string of walkers exited the barn and faced their final death, the faint sounds of a struggling walker are heard. Out stumbles Sophia’s walker, with a visible bite mark on her shoulder. This reveal elicited a terrifying scream from Carol (who was held back by Daryl) and stunned silence from the rest of the crew, including Shane. Rick did what everyone knew had to be done, and shot her in the head with his pistol. Sophia’s death hardened Carol in the years to come, and forced her to face the new world they lived in. It also laid the foundation for what would be a strong friendship between Daryl and Carol in the coming seasons.

Another No Time to Die release date delay is possible, Hollywood insiders warn. The upcoming James Bond movie is currently scheduled to come out in October, after being pushed back several times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as other planned fall releases, like Top Gun: Maverick, endure further delays, the prevailing belief has been No Time to Die will stay put in its current window. This is because another postponement would be an expensive proposition for MGM, and No Time to Die is already reportedly the most expensive Bond film ever made.

Although the Russos and Disney/Marvel might not see eye-to-eye right now, that doesn’t mean they ultimately won’t return to the MCU. They could be using their own power to help put pressure on the studios to work out a favorable deal with Johansson. There’s even the chance the Russos’ return included plans for Johansson to return, which surely won’t happen right now. If the Black Widow lawsuit ends better than it started, then the Russo brothers very well would feel comfortable returning to work for the Mouse House once more. As for what movie could bring them back, Secret Wars has long been their answer. Phase 4 is already laying the groundwork for a Secret Wars adaptation, so now Disney will need to figure out the Black Widow lawsuit if they still want to bring the Russo brothers back into the fold.


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