Why Eric Taylor denied congaing theory of Barry Keoghan?


Based on the most recent Eternals trailer, the team appears to be looking for their triangular spaceship. The footage revealed them discovering the ship in the middle of the desert, and in the above image, Phastos holds a hologram of said ship. What brings them back to the oddly shaped craft remains to be seen, but if they’re gearing up for a massive battle, they likely need some fresh ammunition. The new Eternals image also confirms the team takes some time to fully assemble, since they’re missing some key figures.

Chandler is best known for his performance as Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights, for which he received an Emmy Award for the final season. Since then, he’s starred in numerous additional film and television projects, mostly in supporting roles. The range and depth of his projects though truly point to Chandler’s dimension as an actor, so he’s a thrilling addition to what will surely be another hit for Sheridan. Sheridan has several shows in the works, including two Yellowstone spin-offs called Yellowstone: 1883 and Yellowstone: 6666. Not to mention that the fourth season of Yellowstone will premiere in November, so it’s a busy but fruitful time to be in neo-westerns.

There were a couple of scenes where it felt like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. But I find I’m at my best when I start talking and I don’t know fully what’s going to happen. That can be really exciting. You get your two or three alts, but we’re doing 15, 20 takes sometimes. And it’s like, “Let’s see what happens this time.” You were talking about the cameraman — that’s great. This is not a good goal, but I try and make my scene partner laugh and to ruin the take. I was always trying to make Barry Keoghan laugh. I love him so much but he always plays these really intense characters. I was like, “Oh man, I’m going to get you this time.”


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