Francis Lawrence Revealed bickering zone to Chandler’s dimension?


Additional future projects for Chandler include Star Wars: Visions, the animated series for Disney+ that is set to premiere later this year. Futhermore, he has been cast in Francis Lawrence’s newest film, Slumberland, with a premiere date of 2022 on Netflix. Slumberland will follow a young girl searching for his missing father in a fantasy world with the help of a large half-man/half-monster creature. He will be joined by fellow cast members Jason Momoa and Chris O’Dowd.

Working with a director who allows you to improv, if not encourages it, is perfect. And Simu has a comedy background so it was really fun to play off of him when we get into, like, a bickering zone where we go back and forth. I really like to make the cameramen laugh. When you’ve done a joke so many times, the cameraman is going to stop laughing. And that hurts my feelings! Did you improvise as well?

Chandler is best known for his performance as Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights, for which he received an Emmy Award for the final season. Since then, he’s starred in numerous additional film and television projects, mostly in supporting roles. The range and depth of his projects though truly point to Chandler’s dimension as an actor, so he’s a thrilling addition to what will surely be another hit for Sheridan. Sheridan has several shows in the works, including two Yellowstone spin-offs called Yellowstone: 1883 and Yellowstone: 6666. Not to mention that the fourth season of Yellowstone will premiere in November, so it’s a busy but fruitful time to be in neo-westerns.

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