Why Peter Parker Indigenously retained smothered elites?


After the publication of Dune, this morphed into a Quentin Tarantino-like fixation on the idea of an Indian avenger that his Quileute friends tried to persuade him was a white concoction and had little connection to their culture. In Herbert’s mind, this Indigenous angel of vengeance was less about radical equality and more a divine judgement on the decadence of white government and society.It goes without saying that we’re about to delve into some pretty heavy SPOILERS for the Marvel’s Spider-Man series in this section, so those who don’t want the added context might want to skip ahead. However, if you’ve played through both games, there are a few critical details worth recapping before getting to the bulk of our theory.

Herbert was also frighteningly homophobic, equating homosexuality with the public service, violence and the collapse of society. He lectured his son Brian about how “repressed homosexual energy” could be harnessed by armies for murderous purposes. In an unpublished epic poem Herbert wrote that As past players may recall, the post-credits scenes of Spider-Man and Miles Morales alike offer brief insight on Norman Osborne’s attempts to cure his ailing son Harry by any means necessary. The cutscenes show Harry submerged in bright green liquid, in a lab full of genetically altered spiders that Norman hopes might be the miracle his fractured family needs. But Harry’s body is also smothered in black, gooey tendrils reminiscent of the Venom Symbiote.

Hints of all these views are evident throughout the Dune novels. Almost all the series’ collectives are delusional, its political saviors great villains in disguise, its indigenous peoples a divine punishment for cartoonish white homosexual elites. But the tone is also slippery. While some characters are ludicrously didactic, their lessons often resist neat ideological categorization beyond a suspicion of government.While there’s a lot we can’t possibly know about the story that comes next, the general assumption is that both the Green Goblin and Venom will feature into the plot somehow — or that Harry will somebody be a fusion of the two.


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