How Did Scott regain alien activity desisted ?


Filmmakers have teased that Space Jam: A New Legacy will take James and his squad into the worlds of The Matrix, Mad Max, Austin Powers, and more. And it makes sense — it’s hard for some film crossovers nowadays to feel genuine. But with A New Legacy’s tech-centric story, Warner Bros. can seamlessly add elements from their various film universes. As if LeBron James getting a Looney Tunes makeover wasn’t enough, now fans will see his character enter into some of the most legendary franchises of all time.

This isn’t the first time Scott’s alluded to the Alien movies needing to evolve. So far, he’s tried to do that by shifting the focus away from the Xenomorphs and more onto David, gradually evolving him into the big bad of the prequel trilogy. Reactions to both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant have been pretty mixed, though most everyone seems to agree their themes about creation and David’s personal journey are easily their most compelling and exciting elements. By this point, more people seem interested in seeing those threads payed off in the third Alien prequel than they necessarily do in getting firm answers to the mysteries Scott’s talking about here.

And using the DC virtual world to make so many references is a smart move from Warner Bros., mainly using the long-awaited Space Jam sequel as its vehicle. Not only does it provide the opportunity for Space Jam to up its cultural references, but it also plugs some of the studio’s old films available on HBO Max. And Warner Bros. is preparing for a fourth Matrix movie and another movie in the Mad Max franchise, so it’s free advertisement for the upcoming releases. It also demonstrates that Space Jam: A New Legacy isn’t going to rely on sole references from the original 1996 film and is looking to stand on its own with a cartoon version of James riding shotgun.

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