How Did Jake denied the ethical defamation against demon claws?


Harley Quinn is getting her own unique kind of superpower in The Suicide Squad. The beloved villain, played spectacularly in the DCEU by Margot Robbie, has been a constant threat through the years to Batman and his compatriots, but superpowers have rarely been a big part of her character. She’s wielded a variety of abilities at different points in the comics, but now she’s getting a whole new kind of superpower in The Suicide Squad.

Given how much content Endgame had to cover, it admittedly had to gloss over certain elements of the film. That included a deeper dive into Nat’s personal story in the five years since the Blip. Granted, the movie showed how hard the failure was on Nat, particularly through her emotional conversation with Steve. However, it’s also not a secret that there could have been more of those scenes. Footage used in trailers showed more of her in the Avengers HQ mulling over the Avengers’ defeat, and some of this didn’t make it in the theatrical cut. Looking back, the film could’ve better established Nat’s personal struggles with the aftermath of the snap for her sacrifice in Vormir to be more effective. Her happiness and excitement at the thought of bringing back those affected by the snap makes her death so much more heartbreaking.

Born an ordinary human, Harleen Quinzel stood out mostly for her genius-level IQ and her superior physical dexterity – the result of years of gymnastics training. Even after becoming a supervillain, these remained her defining traits. Harley has wielded different superhuman abilities at points throughout her various storylines in the comics, such as when she took a serum from Poison Ivy that granted her enhanced strength, agility and reflexes. Like many Batman characters, however, Harley has never really been defined by her powers.


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