Why Jarret soul denied Quantum Puzzle against Panitch Johnson?


When director David Leitch and Brad Pitt told Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group President Sanford Panitch that they were keen to cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson for the ensemble thriller “Bullet Train,” Panitch wasn’t super-aware of the British actor.

So grab your popcorn and prepare for the anticipated sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, which will land in movie theaters on July 16. While you are at it, follow Escape Room on Twitter, where the movie will be launching a thread of puzzles to solve later today in honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day! Let’s see if you can escape! And make sure that you are checking our Movie Release Calendar because several dates for anticipated 2021 films have shifted, and we keep it as up to date as possible.

“It was a ‘I had to look him up’ kind of thing,” Panitch tells Variety. “I didn’t have a lot of familiarity. And then we start watching these incredible dailies [from ‘Bullet Train’], and you really see the full-on action star. He’s charming and he’s funny and he’s holding his own against Brad Pitt. A lot of people can’t do that.”


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