Startups In DC Talk About Being Startups In DC

Surprise Ride is a startup company in DC that sells kids' learning kits. Credit: Wenhao Ma

Washington D.C.  has been a lucrative place for startup companies over the past few years. A report from the Small Business Administration shows that, in 2013, more than 92 percent of businesses in D.C. are small businesses and employed about half of the workforce in the city.

Bethany Mulcahy is the marketing director for Surprise Ride, a company founded in 2013 that offers children learning kits to help them develop creativity in a screen-free environment. In an interview, Mulcahy talks about what it is like being a startup in D.C.


According to a report from Fosterly, a D.C. organization that focuses on resource sharing between entrepreneurs in D.C, Maryland and Virginia area, most startup companies in the D.C. area were founded in the past six years, including 25 percent founded in 2016 alone.

Credit: Fosterly


The report calls the Washington D.C. region an emerging international hub of innovation.

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