Log Cabin Republicans strive for LGBTQ equality

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The Log Cabin Republicans are a rarity in a political environment often defined by opposition to something, rather than support. It’s a pro-LGBTQ organization aligned solidly with the Republican party.

Arguing that opposing equality based on sexual orientation or gender is fundamentally un-Republican, the group has been vocally opposing such issues as President Donald Trump’s transgender ban in the military, or in support of the election of Danica Roem, the first openly transgender woman to be elected to state legislature.

“Her victory was unquestionably historic,” said president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory T. Angelo in an interview. “What’s interesting to me is she made history without even trying.”

A focused organization

The organization was founded more than 40 years ago in California, according to their website. Log Cabin Republicans is routinely cited within news articles as one of the largest Republican-oriented LGBTQ support organizations.

Largely a single-issue organization, the Log Cabin Republicans have had the same issues as many Republicans since Trump’s election, with his routine departures from the GOP’s party line. For the most part, they seem to support the administration, while urging moderation, outreach, and inclusion.

The organization’s mission statement also appears to advocate for reaching across the aisle with the goal of furthering protection and inclusion of LGBTQ citizens, citing the Democratic party’s traditional progressiveness on this issue.

Holding fast in trying times

The Log Cabin Republicans, while opposed specifically to Trump’s attacks on their turf, such as attempts to roll back acceptance of transgender individuals serving in the military, have drawn the line at actually criticizing the administration.

The Log Cabin Republicans actually took heat from other LGBTQ advocates soon after the administration took office from other pro-LGBTQ organizations for offering limited criticism at best for Trump’s record thus far in office with respect to LGBTQ issues.

However, their mission statement acknowledges that change is gradual and that the Republican party has some distance to make up before it achieves parity with its Democratic colleagues.

Swimming against the tide

In the meantime, the Log Cabin Republicans will work with the administration, seeking to have legal equality and protection for LGBTQ citizens enshrined in the law, as well as protecting the most vulnerable, the youth.

A press release recently praised Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to charge the killing of a transgender high school student as a hate crime. The group also works with departments of the government to get those protections codified.

“Log Cabin Republicans had our heads down working to develop common-sense conservative solutions to protect transgender students,” said Angelo in a press release.

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