Is breast-cancer awareness ‘pinkwashed?’

Credit: Krystal Campos

WOODBRIDGE, VA. — More than a quarter million women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the U.S. this year, according to estimates from the American Cancer Society. The pink ribbon is the staple logo for national breast cancer awareness. However, some people question how much awareness actually spreads in October.

“Pinkwashing,” a term used by some breast-cancer activists, is the self-promoting corporate practice of selling products with a pink ribbon logo, symbolizing the support for breast cancer charities or foundations. The ribbons can be found on clothing, toiletries and even food products. This branding strategy has brought doubts to how awareness is perceived in America.

Last week, Sentara Hospital in Woodbridge, Virginia hosted an event that wasn’t like other breast cancer campaigns in the Metro area. Watch how the hospital brings awareness to the community:


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