These are some of the faces of homelessness

A peek into the lives of the homeless people of D.C.

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Credit: Ashley Briggs

In 2015, Richard became homeless after his father died of natural causes. He didn’t know how to handle to his father’s death and he lost his job and his apartment.

Credit: Ashley Briggs

Brittany, 20, has been homeless since 2015 after she said her parents no longer wanted to support her. She said it’s hard living on the streets, but it’s become easier with time.

Credit: Ashley Briggs

Lawrence Floyd, 61, will earn his culinary license in June. He said he’s technically not homeless but stays near Union Station to be close to his job.

Credit: Ashley Briggs

Wendy Francis, 53, said she’s been out of work because of the corruption of D.C. and, as a result, has been homeless for six years.

Credit: Ashley Briggs

Charles, 52, lost his job two years ago and was unable to keep up with his rent. He looks at homelessness as a “temporary situation,” and now considers himself an “advocate for homelessness,” and he sells hoodies to support his cause.

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