War of words had lots of losers

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No one can say that the 2016 presidential campaign pitting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump was boring. In fact, the war of words left strong impressions on many voters. Beltway News hit the streets Tuesday to ask people what they would remember most from the campaign.

Not everyone wanted to remember some of the more divisive comments, but here are some of the quotes that did stand out.

Jonathan Newport …

Jonathan Newport

chose Hillary Clinton’s “I’m with her.”

Erin Sullivan …

Erin Sullivan

pointed to the #StopHateDumpTrump campaign, a web-based critique of the GOP candidate that went viral on social media earlier this year.

Peter Chepucavage …

Peter Chepucavage

thought Trump’s harsh words criticizing U.S military leaders stood out as especially unpresidential.

Laela Ellis and Brenda Hamicha …

Laela Ellis and Brenda Hamicha

said Trump’s “bad hombres” quote in the third presidential debate was absurd.

Maria Cristina Torres …


Maria Cristina Torres

who is from Puerto Rico, criticized Trump for calling Mexicans “rapists.”

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