Fairfax City voters share mixed views


FAIRFAX CITY, Va. —  Carlos De Los Reyes, 38, came to the polls with his father, Miguel, who is 76. The two men own a small business together.

“I’m voting to make a change. I voted for Hillary, because she’s definitely qualified to be president, not like Trump you know,” he said. “Just seeing what he’s been talking about, all the nonsense and the way he expresses himself. It’s the first time in history you’ve seen a presidential candidate act like that.”

Ronald Cross, a retired veteran. (Photo by Jack Stringer)
Ronald Cross (Photo by Jack Stringer)

Ronald Cross, a retired veteran who served in the U.S. Army for 42 years, has been voting in Fairfax City for 22 years. He never mentioned either candidate by name, but he insisted on posing next to this sign.

“You have the absolute responsibility to vote. I voted for who I voted for because I believe in someone who is honest and who does not steal and that tells you who I voted for,” he said. “I voted for someone who’s got executive experience, someone who thinks of America first, not self first. She just doesn’t have the stamina to do the job.”

Irvin Watkinsky, an IT worker, has been a resident of Fairfax City for over 15 years. He said he is a former Bernie Sanders supporter, who voted for Trump today.

“Unfortunately we no longer have a free press these days thanks to Obama prosecuting truth seekers and whistleblowers under the Espionage Act. The Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers that want to expose government corruption than any administration I believe in the history of the country,” he said. “Hillary Clinton is obviously going to continue that and unfortunately one of the few rays of hope we have is Julian Assange who will put out this information and continue to support the free press and the Second Amendment.”

“Actually I think I favor Bernie Sanders over everybody but I’m one of the rare people who is actually voting for Donald Trump because although I disagree with Donald Trump on many of the issues, maybe even the majority of the issues,” he said. “I don’t like the way he’s waged his campaign.”

He also complained that Hillary Clinton as secretary of state got “countries to contribute millions and millions of dollars to her foundation of which some was sent to her daughter’s wedding.”

Eddie Cook, 22, a senior at George Mason University, said Donald Trump goes against everything she believes in.

“We’re making history by seeing a woman step into office,” she said. “My dad is definitely for Trump, we butt heads on everything. He wants change and I think that everything that’s been taken on over the past eight years with Obama should continue.”

Stanley and Roma Sciora are retired Fairfax City residents of over 40 years. Stanley says he wrote in John McCain for president. “Because he’s a veteran,” Roma said pointing to her husband, “and [McCain’s] a veteran and he’s a better man than either of those two.”

“The election this year stinks,” she added. “The election right here was perfect, but everything before today stinks.”

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