• America’s most powerful men are falling amid sexual harassment allegations

    Hundreds of women have come forward to accuse dozens of America’s most powerful men of sexual harassment. Now, many of the accused have been forced to justify or make a statement regarding their actions and several have even been fired or forced to step down from their positions займы только по паспорту онлайн.

  • Top 10 beauty and fashion trends of 2017

    2018 is on the horizon and it’s the perfect time to look back at beauty and fashion trends that shook up 2017. The comeback of Vans, the introduction to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line and long braids gave people a new style that set the year of 2017. From the sidewalk to the red carpet, these were some of the hottest trends that rocked this year.

  • Millennials and the ’90s

    Going to the local mall nowadays looks straight out of a ’90s movie. From Polaroid cameras to jelly shoes. The ’90s fashion is making a come back, and millennials are all for it.

  • How productive has Congress been this year?

    The 115th session of Congress has passed more laws than other sessions in the last two decades, despite not yet having any major legislation to show for it. GovTrack keeps a record of all legislative activities, and the current session of Congress, now closing in on its halfway point, is on track to pass several former sessions in some indicators.

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