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American Roulette slot

June 13, 2017 Jordan Connell 0

There are several wonderful stories adjoining roulette. Certainly one of my faves is often that a position of this roulette wheel is more heavy versus the other and as a consequence specific details will probably surface. I assume this could have been factual inside 18th century when the skillfullness was a lot more “hand crafted”. However, nowadays, there is no doubt United Kingdom that the casino has get every one piece of equipment Gryphon’s Gold slot by using more than a couple of examinations. Roulette tires are exposed to a battery of exams and approved well before although these are relating to the casino ground. Progressing. The majority of our vendors introduce these kinds of video game titles every so often. Nonetheless, Euro Games Modern technology certainly one designer who makes an array of famed solutions. Progressing jackpots will be the only models that commonly depend upon a minimum guarantee […]

Fairfax County: Voters show enthusiasm

November 8, 2016 Jordan Connell 0

RESTON, Va. — Voters lined up in the hallways of Langston Hughes Middle School in Fairfax early this morning to vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. More than 4,000 are registered at this precinct. 

Make your ‘cocktail’ vote count

November 8, 2016 Jordan Connell 0

The stress of the 2016 campaign has many people looking to soothe themselves with comfort food and drink. Across Washington, D.C., there are politically themed burgers, donuts, ice-cream, chocolates and cocktails. Jordan Connell reports that an I-Street bar is serving up some “candidate cocktails.”